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It’s not easy trying to be the parent, the mentor and the motivator for your child.

We help guide your child to discover their identity, become more confident and resilient to position them for the best possible future they truly deserve.

It’s easier to build stronger children than to repair broken men.


Frederick Douglass

It’s exhausting trying to have all the answers for your child.

Through our mentoring program you will access the extra support you need to help position your child for the best possible future you can give them.


develop a strong sense of belonging and identity which produces Godly confidence about themself and their future.

overcome mental health challenges such as depression, anxiety and low self-esteem that derails them from reaching their potential.

grow a healthy relationship with themselves to improve their self image and overcome their insecurities.

resolve their struggle to effectively communicate and have meaningful conversations with you and their siblings.

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Here’s how to begin your child’s transformational journey:

Step 1: Schedule a call with Eric

Find out if this program is a fit for your child’s needs. Eric will be having a one on one call with you to talk about your child and how this program can help.

Step 2: Register your interest and Sign up

Begin your child’s journey with The Royal Hood welcome pack and have your child attend one on one “get to know you” ice breaker sessions with Eric.

Step 3: Witness your child transform

See your child find their identity, become more confident and resilient while building meaningful relationships that position them for the best possible future.

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What we are all about

At The Royal Hood, we know that as a parent, you want the best possible future for your children. The challenge is, youth nowadays, are exposed to so much identity confusion and peer pressures making you feel concerned about their future.

It’s hard trying to be the parent, the mentor and the motivator for your kids. You deserve someone who will partner with you to guide your children in discovering their true identity, confidence and resilience.

I’ve been there myself—lack of Identity, low self esteem and no motivation. Which is why I’ve helped thousands of kids over the last 10 years overcome these issues and I would love to partner with you to help your child discover their true identity, become more confident and resilient while building meaningful relationships. We truly believe that it takes a village to position your child for their best possible future!

Week 1 Overview

10 Years of Experience

African Australian Achievement Award Recipient

Don’t take our word for it…

Hear what other parents have to say!

The best mentorship program! My 3 boys are a testament to how productive the sessions were. Thank you for providing a safe space for our boys to share things that sometimes they wouldn't share with us parents.


It's been uplifting hearing Tanaka say his daily affirmations out loud in the mornings before he goes to school. As well as hearing his younger brother having a read of the affirmations too. Thank you for the care and detail you've put into this program!


It's been such a great start to the program for our son, Lots of questions and on fire for God like we've never seen before! He loved the discussion on Identity. Thank you!


We noticed the words that came out of his mouth were more in alignment with scripture. He is more responsive when we do devotions together and his prayers are full of God's word and focused on the needs of others. Fantastic improvement.


This program helped switch a light on in our son’s mind and heart. We saw an increase in curiosity about God, His purpose and what that means for our son, as well as a general increase in positivity & confidence.


Know how to build and affirm resilience in your child.