Parent Testimonials

What They’re Saying

My 3 boys are a testament to how productive the sessions were. Thank you for providing a safe space for our boys to share things that sometimes they wouldn't share with us parents.


It's been uplifting hearing Tanaka say his daily affirmations out loud in the mornings before he goes to school. As well as hearing his younger brother having a read of affirmations too. Thank you for the care and detail you've put into this program!


It's been such a great start to the program for our son, Lots of questions and on fire for God like we've never seen before! He loved the discussion on Identity. Thank you!


We noticed the words that came out of his mouth were more in alignment with scripture. He is more responsive when we do devotions together and his prayers are full of God's word and focused on the needs of others. Fantastic improvement.


This program helped switch a light on in our son’s mind and heart. We saw an increase in curiosity about God, His purpose and what that means for our son, as well as a general increase in positivity & confidence.


Our son checked in a lot more often with us, openly more conscious of communicating his thankfulness to us, he was also a lot more affectionate in particular towards his mum. I would highly recommend this program.

Pastor Danny