Transforming boys into Godly men.

A Christian Rite of Passage program that helps establish your son’s identity,

positive behaviour, and transformation.

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As a parent, you want the best possible future for your teenage son.


make the right choices which will have a positive impact on him and his future.

overcome mental health challenges such as depression, anxiety and low self-esteem that derails them from reaching their potential.

resolve their struggle to effectively communicate and have meaningful conversations with you and their siblings.

develop a deep understanding of the Bible resulting in an intimate and personal relationship with God.

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A Blessing Night Ceremony your family will remember!

Watch our highlight video from our recent Blessing night graduation, a truly transformational night to celebrate the 10 week journey from boys to Godly Men!

Here’s how to begin your son’s transformational journey:

Step 1: Book a 20 Minute Discovery Call

Click on the “register your interest” link below to answer a few questions. We will organise a phone call after this to answer your questions so you can determine if our program is the right fit for your child.

Step 2: Sign up and Receive your Welcome Gift Pack

Upon sign up, your child will receive a Gift Pack (Valued @ $300) delivered to your door. A Zoom 1:1 ice breaker session will also be organised to make sure your child is positioned to get the most out of the program!

Step 3: Witness your son transformation

Over the course of 10 weeks, see your child find their identity, become more confident and resilient while building meaningful relationships that position them for the best possible future.

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Eric Agyeman

Your Son's Mentor

A victim of racial bullying in primary school because he was the only African in his year level, Eric experienced constant teasing, isolation and fear which led to him missing many days of school.
The bullying led to anger and other emotions he didn't know how to identify or navigate at the time. He was suspended 4 times in high school as a result of his reactions to this circumstance. It became a very dark period for him; battling with anxiety and depression as he struggled to fit in and lacking a sense of self love and worth.

Two decades later, having overcome the pain and impact of bullying and low self esteem, Eric is passionate about helping young people do the same! Through personal experience and research, the group mentoring will build confidence and help teens discover their true identity become more confident, resilient and motivated at the end of the 6 weeks program.

Eric lives in Melbourne, Australia, married to his wife Sandy and has two beautiful boys; Kingston James & Marcellus Elijah, as a family they worship at Enjoy Church; where Eric serves on the preaching team.

Week 1 Identity

Who you are and whose you are. A study of Davids teenage years ‘But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people’
1 Peter 2:9

Week 3 Power Of Words

The power of words and why we need to change our vocabulary. ‘The tongue has the power of life and death’ Proverbs 18:21

Week 5 Mental Wellbeing

From survival to revival, your son will learn how to defeat anxiety, worry and stress on a daily basis before it leads to overwhelm and depression

Program Overview

10 Life Changing Weeks

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Week 2 Thought Patterns

Eliminating unhealthy thought patterns and renewing the mind. ‘As a man thinks in his heart so he is’ Proverbs 23:7

Week 4 Relationship

How to move from knowing about God to knowing God personally. ‘But the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.’ Daniel 11:32

Week 6-10

Godly Choices
Vision For My Future
My Personal Mission Statement
Blessing Night Celebration

Parents whose sons participated in the program said they would ‘highly recommend‘ this to other families.

A worthwhile investment in your child’s future

For $14 a day, your child will receive a welcome gift pack, guided learning and a priceless experience that will transform them and ensure their best possible future.

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A Welcome Pack

Limited edition t-shirt, personalized journal, workbook, wristbands, graduation cap, bookmarks, copy of Eric Agyeman’s best selling book; Let There Be Darkness and MUCH MORE!

VALUE: $250

Royal Hood Program

One on one and weekly group sessions and guided learning over 8 weeks.
8 transformative video lessons (3+ hours)
8 live weekly Q&A’s (5+ hours )

VALUE: $1,200


Supporting resources to reinforce your child’s learning & transformation. Printed affirmations poster to hang on their bedroom wall, weekly activities & challenges to build positive habits plus additional video resources to compliment each week’s lessons.

VALUE: $250

Support & Community

Your child will have be part of a safe community with like minded people. There is weekly accountability and also fun, lots of fun along the way in the group live sessions.

VALUE: Priceless

Blessing Night Celebration

A night to celebrate your son’s transformation.

Dine-in a formal yet social atmosphere over a 3 course dinner with family and friends.

This will be a night to remember for a long time for everyone.

Your son will present a short speech to highlight his experience alongside the other participants and is also a great opportunity for the parents to connect and share stories of their own journey.


Post Program Accountability

One month worth of online group sessions with the boys to discuss how they’re traveling in their walk with God and also their mental health.

This is a great opportunity for the boys to ask questions and seek additional support, we want to make sure our boys remain consistent in their new positive habits and continue to grow in their transformation.

VALUE: $150

What the Parents Get

1) Parents will receive a welcome letter with the details of the program.

2) You will receive access to our Parents Revival Masterclass, a masterclass with practical and biblical strategies to transform the relationship with your children and bring joy into the family home.

3) Fortnightly email updates of your son’s progress.

4) Online Zoom check in with all parents at the end of Week 3

5) Be in a community with other like minded parents

6) Witness your son graduate at the blessing night!


Note: Extra $80 / parent for a 3 course dinner during the Blessing Night Celebration

Family Photo Opportunity

Have the opportunity to have a professional family photo taken capturing the moment and the night. This will be available for you to download to frame or to keep as a memory. 

VALUE: $100

“In every boy there is a King!”

Let me guide your son to discover his true identity.