JUNE 30th - JULY 1st , 2023

Father & Son Rites of Passage Retreat

Helping fathers build meaningful relationships with their teens


Are you looking to build a lasting legacy of faith & strengthen your bond with your son?

Take the oppurtunity to transform your relationship and strengthen the bonds that will last a lifetime through our Father and Son Rite of Passage Retreat!


On this unique Christian-based retreat, fathers can pass on their legacy of values and respect as part of an immersive experience. Activities such as canoeing, archery, strength challenges, cooking competitions and more are used to bring out qualities like teamwork, dedication and courage in both father and son.


Together they will embark upon an unforgettable journey enriched by mutual understanding that will deepen the connection within your family unit.


Investment Price: $795 Per Father & Son Family


Build a lasting legacy of faith grounded in biblical principles, create memories that will be cherished from generation to generation forever when you come together on our Father and Son Rite of Passage Retreat!

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The time is now for your children to discover their identity, develop confidence, and build meaningful relationships to position them for their best possible future.