Prepare your child for their

teenage years

We’ve helped thousands of young people discover their identity, confidence and resilience.

We would love to partner with you to help your child discover theirs too.

It’s hard trying to be the parent, the mentor and the motivator for

your child all at the same time.


develop a strong sense of belonging and identity resulting in a Godly confidence about themself and their future.

navigate peer pressure and become bully-proof through Eric’s real life experiences of being bullied.

grow a healthy relationship with themselves to improve their self image, increase their self esteem resulting in overcoming insecurities.

learn to value relationships at home instead of taking them for granted. They will discover how honoring you, bonding with siblings will positively impact their future.

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Here’s how to begin your child’s transformational journey:

Step 1: Schedule a call with Eric

Find out if this program is a fit for your child’s needs. Eric will be having a one on one call with you to talk about your child and how this program can help.

Step 2: Register your interest and Sign up

Begin your child’s journey with The Royal Hood welcome pack and have your child attend one on one “get to know you” ice breaker sessions with Eric.

Step 3: Witness your child transform

See your child find their identity, become more confident and resilient while building meaningful relationships that position them for the best possible future.

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It takes a village to position your child

for the best possible future.

A recommendation from Pastor Shane Baxter

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Your Child’s Mentors

Eric Agyeman


After overcoming the negative impact of racial bullying and mental health battles as a teenager, today Eric is helping other young people do the same!  Founder of The Royal Hood, Eric’s mission is to significantly improve the wellbeing of our youth by leading them to discover their Identity, resilience and purpose!

Sandy Agyeman


A middle eastern girl, who arrived to Australia with her family looking for refuge and with very little; is now using the lessons she has learnt in fighting many giants to bring hope and encouragement to young girls who are facing their own battles, through The Royal Hood Programs, serving alongside her husband.

Dr. Monica


Monica is a medical practitioner, published author and a life and growth coach for women and young girls. A mum of a pre-teen girl herself, her expertise around topics such as body image and changes will help your daughter embrace and feel more confident in her own skin.

A worthwhile investment in your child’s future

For $10 a day, your child will receive a welcome gift pack, guided learning and a priceless experience that will transform them and ensure their best possible future.


Playstation 5    $749

Psychologist ($120 p/s)    $960 (avg. of 8 sessions)

The Royal Hood Mentoring Program    $697

or 5 payments of $140

(10 week transformation)

Playstation 5 

Psychologist ($120 p/s)

The Royal Hood Mentoring Program


$960 (avg. of 8 sessions)

$697 or 5 payments of $140

(10 weeks transformation)

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A Welcome Pack

Limited edition t-shirt, personalized journal, workbook, wristbands, graduation cap, bookmarks, copy of Eric Agyeman’s best selling book; Let There Be Darkness and MUCH MORE!

VALUE: $250

Royal Hood Program

One on one and weekly group sessions and guided learning over 8 weeks.
8 transformative video lessons (3+ hours)
8 live weekly Q&A’s (5+ hours )

VALUE: $1,200


Supporting resources to reinforce your child’s learning & transformation. Printed affirmations poster to hang on their bedroom wall, weekly activities & challenges to build positive habits plus additional video resources to compliment each week’s lessons.

VALUE: $250

Support & Community

Your child will be part of a safe community with like minded people. There is weekly accountability and also fun, lots of fun along the way in the group live sessions.

VALUE: Priceless

Graduation Party!

A face to face event where we celebrate your pre-teens for successfully completing the program. They will have the opportunity to meet the other participants and also share their experiences in a fun environment where they will receive their certificates atferwards.

This is optional as we have a number of people from intestate who may not be able to make it.

Cost is an additional $100 per family of 2-3. Cost is to cover food and venue hire

What the Parents Get

1) Parents will receive a welcome letter with the details of the program.
2) Access to our Parents Revival Masterclass, a masterclass with practical and biblical strategies to transform the relationship with your children and bring joy into the family home.
3) Fortnightly email updates of your child’s progress.
4) Online Zoom check in with all parents at the end of Week 3
5) Be in a community with other like minded parents with support and resources from our Parents support team
6) Witness your child’s transformation



Note: Extra $80 / parent for a 3 course dinner during the Blessing Night Celebration

Family Photo Opportunity

Have the opportunity to have a professional family photo taken capturing the moment and the night. This will be available for you to download to frame or to keep as a memory.

VALUE: $100

Register now and get flexible payments of up to 10 weeks!

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Know how to build and affirm resilience in your child.


The time is now for your children to discover their identity, develop confidence, and build meaningful relationships to position them for their best possible future.