The Royal Hood Pre-Teens School Holiday Event

The Royal Ninjas

A resilience and confidence-building day for your pre-teens!

Thursday 6th July 2023 

Change and transition can be hard at any stage of life but…

The transition from year 5 right up to Year 7 can be some of the toughest years for a pre-teen. 

Our Royal Ninjas Day will help prepare your 12 and 13-year-olds with resilience and confidence-building activities to help them better deal with bullies, peer pressures and the challenges of social media!

How to develop a strong sense of belonging and identity, resulting in a Godly confidence about themseleves and their future.

Learning about the importance of healthy relationships and how to build one with family members and friends at school.

Understanding the power of words both for yourself and others.
Navigating the world of social media with healthy boundaires.

Ninjanation have organised team & confidence building exercises and obstacle courses. Your pre-teens will learn how to work with others and implement problem solving skills.

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Our daughter thanked us for allowing her to go, she said it was just what she needed! So man blessings she received, great ministry and such a blessing to many youth. Thank you to all the leaders who made this possible.

Veronica - Parent

Cant thank you both enough for the invaluable investment you have made in my daughter. She had an amazing time, God moments, friend moments, self estee, moments. Thank you so much again.

Danny - Parent

My daughter feels so blessed, she shared with us everything she learnt and took so many notes of all the sessions. She said she had so much fun and that it was a really beautiful atmosphere and that everyone was so nice. She loved it, she feels blessed and very encourgaed. Thank you for the incredible work you guys are doing.

Natalia - Parent

I cannot thank you enough for your ministry and leadership for teenage girls! My child hasnt stopped talking about the last two days at camp. I am so thankful for this oppurtunity for her and the other girls.

Cassie - Parent

The time is now for your children to discover their identity, develop confidence, and build meaningful relationships to position them for their best possible future.